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Produce high quality stock animations, motion graphics, GIFs or vectors


Upload and publish your items with our easy to use contributors platform

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Earn a fair commission every time your content is downloaded

Fair Commissions

No hidden fees, no buyer fees and no weird commissions structure


on each sale from organic traffic or ads


on each sale from affiliate traffic

another 33% of the sales goes to the affiliate and remaining 34% stays with us.

As of today, 99% of our traffic is non-affiliate. But we prefer to be upfront and transparent with you

Simple Payouts

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Paid Monthly

Paid by 15th of each month for all commissions generated in the previous month

PayPal Payouts

Most commissions are paid through PayPal, with a minimum threshold of $50

Other Payouts

For commissions over $100, we can send to any bank account or currency supported by TransferWise

No Unlimited Downloads BS

Stock marketplaces like ours exist only in synergy with our hard working contributors. It's our commitment to respect your work by offering you a fair commission for each sale that you make.

No unlimited downloads bullshit that only damage our industry and lower the value of the assets that you worked so hard to produce.

In the unlimited downloads model the marketplace wins, the customers win, but the contributors lose.

Would you rather earn 50% of each sale OR split a $15 subscription with 10-20 other contributors? Where users sometimes download your entire library?

Yep, that's what we thought too.


Videoplasty is what an up and coming platform should be: straightforward communication with a pursuit of constant improvement. Collaborating with multiple platforms I miss this personal approach where you talk with someone who actually cares and where you're not just another number.

Doru Catana

Founder @ Audacious Leap

I like how VideoPlasty brings a new pool of people into the motion graphics space. Even though it's still early, the marketplace seems to be set for success and customer activity is already good.

Frederik Vanecek

Motion Graphics Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply sign up for a free VideoPlasty account and fill in your details, then start uploading content!

All new contributors accounts have a limit of 3 items to get started. This is to ensure that all items approved are of high quality. Once our team reviews a few of your submissions, we will change your status to allow you to submit an unlimited number of assets.

It shouldn't take more than 2-3 days, depending on our workload.

Most payments are made through PayPal with a minimum threshold of $50. However, if for whatever reason you don't have PayPal in your country, we can also make a payment straight to your bank account using TransferWise. Please contact support to set this up with your bank account details.

Most of our traffic and sales are organic, so for those you get credited a healthy 50% commission of each sale. However, we also have an affiliate program. Sales referred to us by affiliates also earn them a commission of the sale, in which case the split of the total sale is 33% goes to the contributors, 33% goes to the affiliate and 34% stays with us.

Need Help?

Find answers in our knowledgebase articles. If you still have questions, please open a ticket with our friendly support staff.